Every green building
has stories to tell...

Why it was built
What it's made of
Key design concepts
The builder's work
What it's like inside

Our virtual tours take you
around the world,
to see green buildings
and hear the stories,
without leaving the comforts
of your home or office.

We bring architects, builders, owners, funders, inhabitants and materials and equipment manufacturers together to tell the green building stories.

Our list of virtual tours is growing so come back often.

Public Virtual Tours List...
Cleveland Environmental Center (Cleveland, OH)
TreePeople Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Hewlett Foundation (Menlo Park, CA)
Honda Northwest Regional Facility (Gresham, OR)
Jasper Ridge Field Station (Woodside, CA)
San Mateo County Forensics Lab (San Mateo, CA)
JohnsonDiversey Headquarters (Sturtevant, WI)
Plaza Apartments (San Francisco, CA)
StopWaste.Org (Oakland, CA)
Plant Conservation Science Center (Glencoe, IL)

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